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Mexicobusiness 240419 Mexico debates overbooking regulation aviation

Mexico Debates Overbooking Regulation in Aviation México Business News MX In Mexico, discussions regarding the regulation of overbooking in the aviation industry are ongoing, with efforts to potentially ban the practice altogether through congressional initiatives, however, experts warn this could negatively impact the industry. Overbooking, a legal practice internationally and nationally, involves airlines selling more tickets than available seats. In an interview with A21, Andrés Remis, an expert in Aeronautical Law, emphasizes the existing legal framework governing overbooking, highlighting its regulation under the Article 52 of the Civil Aviation Law. He advocates for avoiding excessive regulation while ensuring compliance with existing statutes. Economic analyst Fernando Gómez Suárez raises concerns about instances of abuse and service failures related to overbooking. He stresses the need for effective enforcement mechanisms to protect consumer rights, emphasizing the importance of balancing business interests with consumer welfare. Aviation specialist Carlos Torres supports a balanced regulatory approach, preserving industry flexibility while addressing consumer concerns. He emphasizes the importance of transparency and accountability in the industry, ensuring that overbooking practices do not compromise passenger rights and comfort. While experts hold different viewpoints, they agree on the importance of transparency and accountability in the airline industry. In March, the Senate of the Republic postponed the regulation of overbooking due to a lack of quorum in the Joint Committees on Consumer Protection and First Legislative Studies. The original proposal aimed to ban overbooking entirely but requires reworking to focus on better regulation and transparency, empowering consumers' rights with oversight from the Office of the Federal Prosecutor for the Consumer (PROFECO).

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